Friday, November 2, 2012

November Theme is FAMILY!

November brings a lot of us to think about what we are THANKFUL and WOW I'm very thankful for my 

FAMILY!  Every last one of them!!!

I wouldn't be the person who I am today without them.  My mom, my dad, grandma/grandpa, aunts/uncles, and cousins all shaped the person I am today.  My hubby and kids make me a better person.  I strive to be my best for all of them (including myself).  Oh boy, I could have turned down the wrong road more times than I did.  I'm not perfect and have made many BAD CHOICES in life but I learn from them and move forward.  

I'm going to work on letting go of some anger issues I have from childhood that I've been hanging on to for awhile now but hopefully I can work through them and forgive.  I'm also going to work on letting go of guilt feelings I have for my bad choices I've made in the past.  Beating myself up doesn't do anyone any good.  I want to be that mom that my kids and look up to and be proud of when they grow up.  

I have a beautiful family and we struggle everyday but we love each other very much.  I know my hubby has my back and I have his.  The kids they have both of our backs!  

The younger 2 kids are having a hard time at their new school for many reasons but they are so strong and take on the challenge  as it's all good!  They are also so different that is it crazy but they make me smile everyday.  Both of them are so protective over me right now- they are both so concerned for my health.  

My oldest son (22 yrs old) recently moved in with us for a bit until he could afford his own housing but he wasn't able to save up like we warned him about.  He had to take a train back up to WASH yesterday and it broke my heart having to say goodbye.  It was so nice having him here and wish it could have worked out but he needs to get priorities straight and then it will all be good. He is such a hard worker and will do good I just know it!  

My hubby goes to work at 3:30 am everyday then comes home to do more work- airbrushing.  Some weeks (like this one) not so much work but most weeks he is out there 4-5 more hours a day doing his thing.  We appreciate him very much.  He has a motto that he sticks to and lets us know all the time~ YOU DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO FIRST THEN YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! 

So this month my blog posts will be a lot of about my family!  

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