Friday, February 13, 2009

Lil Man's School

Yesterday, I was at his school from 8:30-3:30 and WOW! His teacher has a lot to deal with her class on a daily basis. She is a great teacher and has control of her class for sure. I personally would go crazy dealing with all the different personalities. 20 kids is a lot to handle but she does a WONDERFUL JOB! She is also expecting in June so I give her even more props.

I helped with their writing, reading, and centers. Lil Mama was with me and she had her preschool workbook but the teacher gave her some class work to do too. She showed all the classmates she could do the work and they were impressed since they didn't think she could talk. She is quite shy until she is comfortable with ya and then she is non stop, lol!

After lunch the whole school had a Valentine Day Festival and it was fun. Lil Man of course ran with his school buddies. I was suppose to be working the Dance Party but the person who was suppose to set up the PA system and had the IPOD full of Kids Dance songs didn't show up so it wasn't much fun. Lil Mama wanted to check out all the fun games anyways so we walked around a lot! She won a cool pencil she gave to her bro bro. At 3:15 we left for bowling with 2 other kids. That was 2 hr event so we didn't get home until 6:15 and boy was I tired. The kids were a bit hyped up on sugar from the Party so it was hard to get them calmed down.

I had a great time and now have new appreciation for teachers.
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