Friday, February 13, 2009

I had fun today with the kids

We played all day. It started out with Wii games (bowling, golf, yoga) and everyone won something so it was a big hit. I bowled a 218! A new record for me.

Then it was lunch time they helped make their sandwiches. Even though they make a mess its worth seeing their independence and pride.

After lunch was reading time. So proud of Lil Man he is reading a WHOLE Dr Seuss book. He didn't like to read for along time but now he is into it and WOOHOO! He read 27 pages by himself and only needed my help on a couple words.

We did Valentine cards for the kids next door (yes the bad ones). The kids did such great art work that it was hard giving them away.

Then we did a little bit of dance but I can handle just so much Hannah Montana. I made the excuse I had to clean some things around the house.

Then they wanted to watch a movie....High School Musical. Daddy went and got dinner so we had a big picnic on the living room floor. Daddy of course is not a fan of HSM so he didn't have a picnic with us...lucky Daddy (LOL). The movie wasn't bad it was just so goody goody but that's perfect for my kids.

9:00 pm they both passed out with smiles on their faces so as I mom that made me feel wonderful.

Now for Mommy time because daddy is passed out too. What's on the DVR????
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