Friday, February 20, 2009

American Idol- Group 1

Yes, I'm an Idol admirer! I'm not a dedicated fan that calls in every week but I catch it when I can. I'm so happy I watched Tuesday's performance because I fell in love with 2 contestants that night, Alexis Grace and Danny Gokey! Oh my I loved their performances. I'm even thinking about downloading Alexis song (never did that before). The 3rd person picked was Michael Sarver and I wasn't that impressed but hey he is just not my style.

They are doing something different this year or least it seems different, lol! They broke the Top 36 into groups of 12. Each 12 perform and then the highest male, highest female, and the next highest person get to move into the Top 12. My 2 favorite picks made it to the top 12 so that was exciting.

My Fav's in GROUP 1:

Looking forward to next Tuesday and Group 2.

If you want to read more about American Idol go to: http://www.americanidol.com
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