Friday, February 27, 2009

Lil Mama hooked on Build a Bear Wii game...

Last night we went to Gamestop to get some used games. We each picked one out~ Lil man got a Star Wars game, Hubby got Afro Samurai, Lil Mama got BAB, and I got My Fitness Coach.

Last night both kids played their games but Lil Mama had a hard time shutting if off. She was having a blast and the games were perfect for her. She loved all the mini games plus finding all the cool treasures. I had to take her away screaming and kicking.

She woke up this morning and first thing she wanted to do was play BAB. I asked if she could please eat first, yep that wasn't happening. She needed to get more puzzle pieces and was obsessed. The Wii is so different (JMO) then lets say PS2 because on the Wii your movement is how you play the game. She is not sitting that's for sure....she was on her feet all day running around playing this game. I know its not right to let her play for hours but she had so much fun with her new game and she will be back to normal soon. I had to put a timer on her and she is not allowed to play until tomorrow after lunch. I'll be at work so good luck daddy, lol!!!!

Plus while she played I got A LOT done. I know I'm a bad mom but hey she had fun and I got work done. No harm done and it was for 1 day only. She has to get it out of her system. Plus this is the first game she ever liked this much. She was able to understand and it is FUN. Don't tell but I played too!

I did My Fitness Coach today and wow I'm going to get my workout on! Tell you more later!
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