Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Allen Family Fun Schedule

The kids want to do at least 20 different things a night and I felt like I was being spread thin already so I had to come up with a schedule to help us do everything we want to.

Monday: Reading Night -we all get a book and read to ourselves for an hour. We read every night before bedtime but this is different. This night is really for Lil Man to read to himself. He loves books and this helps us get some good reading in.

Tuesday: Game Night. Each kid picks a board/card game and we play 2 games. Lil Mama plays board games every day but this night we all play with her.

Wednesday: Wii Family Night. We play bowling, golf, and Guitar Hero. Favorite night for everyone.

Thursday: Dance Night. We dance to all the kids favorite music. Hannah Montana is growing on me....lol! They have little dance offs it is so cute. I need to video tape them.

Friday: Movie Night. We all crawl into my bed and watch a kid friendly movie. The kids take turns picking the movie.

Sat/Sun: FREE NIGHTS...but I'm sure they will talk me into something.

Daddy participates in Wii Night but he is not into the other activities. He is a party poop-er plus he is missing out on some fun times w/the kids. I understand he works hard so I don't hold this against him but he is missing out.
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