Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh My... Hamburger Helper Again

I have one child who is my pickiest eater and the other pretty much eats what I put in front of him. Tonight they tricked me. Lil Mama wanted Hamburger Helper for dinner and letting me know she LOVES it. Lil Mama is my picky eater so I was like really you will eat this and she said yes! Guess what we are having for dinner.

Lil Man got home from school and asked me what we were going to have for dinner. I told him Hamburger Helper and he made this face like he just drank some sour milk. He informs me that he is not eating that crap...um your 7, crap should not be coming out of your mouth or even telling me that your not eating. I ignored his many wishes of different things to cook, his whining, and his speech on how yucky Hamburger Helper. Well as much as he bitched guess who ate ALL his dinner...yep Lil Man! I don't cater to my kids...if they don't eat what I make then they don't eat.

Mom wins!
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