Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekends...Loving Them

Wow.....I've been really missing out on FAMILY TIME when I worked on weekends.  The past couple weekends that I've been home (since quitting the cafe job of 12 yrs) we have got a lot done around the house.  It makes me feel good to see projects that I've wanted to be completed get done!!  The kids are a big help too.  They love spending time (well thats what they say now) with us and so when I said "Hey Ronnell lets go weed the garden" I got pure excitement and "Let's Go" from my 9 yr old who would rather play video games over any housework....wonder how long this will last.  Well however long I'm going to enjoy it! 

Yesterday,  I cleaned out the fridge....pulled out everything and cleaned all fridge pieces.  It looks brand new but now it looks like we have no food.  The kids BOTH cleaned their rooms with no talking back.  Then we just kicked back and had fun.  Later on we made cupcakes.  I also cooked a bomb a** spaghetti dinner, I felt like Suzie Homemaker. I need a cool apron though.  I think I'm going to design one and have hubby airbrush it.  Simple things..I know, the thought just came to me so I needed to write that so I don't forget.  Mom's Day is coming up.

Today I'm cooking breakfast and Easter dinner.  So Martha Stewart step aside Pam Allen is in the house!  Keeping fingers crossed that I get help with dishes (not my thing LOL).  Hint hint to hubby! 

Also on our schedule today is Easter egg hunt outside, bowling with friends, and getting ready for SCHOOL!  Spring Break is DONE kiddos....time to get back on schedule and Mommy can get some work done. 
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