Monday, April 4, 2011

America's Next Great Restaurant- Who do you like?

Now I know not everyone is going to like this show but someone who has been in the "BIZ" for a long time (maybe too long) I really enjoy this show.  Not necessary for the contestants they have on there but for the challenges they are competing in each week. 


My FAV so far is Sandra.  I like her concept it is unhealthy vs healthy dishes. But she NEEDS a new chef- the investors don't like the taste of the food but love the concept. Better do something Sandy or I foresee you leaving soon and I don't want that!

This week it was about designing their uniform and it was quite funny what some of  the contestants did but some of them did very well. 

Joey and his SAUCY BALLS (wishing he would change the name) was just silly.  He wanted to have a gun but decided to use a big bread stick. 

I was surprised who was eliminated because I like his concept (MeltWorks- Grilled Cheese Sandwiches) but he wasn't willing to listen to the judges which were giving him some great advice.  When your stuck on YOUR concept and someone else wants to change it has to be hard to accept change but still give it a try! 

It's a fun Sunday night reality show to watch.  If I wanted to open my own restaurant it would be FAMILY based...like a play area/video games/jukebox and then parents can eat while kids play...oh wait McDonald's and pizzerias's do this already, never mind! 

Do you have a restaurant concept that you would pitch to investors?
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