Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sibling Rivalry- Getting On My Nerves!

First, I need to say SORRY to my mom because we put her through some crap with all our fighting growing up. It is coming back and biting me hard in the ass. Karma I know. I was horrible to my brother from the moment he was born-sorry bro! 

Anyways, my kids are driving me crazy with the FIGHTING.  My daughter loves to pick on her brother.   My son is patient to a point then he just looses it and then it gets downright UGLY!  My daughter tries all of our patience every day and the "No, I don't have too, who cares, and blah blah blah" are her favorite phases lately plus the rolling of the eyes and the head swaying needs to STOP!  She is 7 not 17!  When they spend too much time together it is horrible.  They don't use their words (like I tell them all the time) but they hit and pick on each other.  Someone is going to get hurt someday and I keep telling them that.  I tell my son hitting girls is wrong...he comes back with "she is my sister not a girl"!  Plus its usually her hitting first. 

The older they get the harder to discipline them...it was easy to take away toys, video games, or just put  them in time out.  Now they don't care..."so what"  is what I get.  Luckily they don't do this everyday because I think I would have to become a drinker again.  I'm saying that with a smile :) 

How do you settle/deal with sibling rivalry? 
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Grams on April 29, 2011 at 7:56 AM said...

Been there, done that. I think all you can do is send them to separate corners to cool off. I don't really have any good advice except to tell you that eventually they will grow out of it. Unfortunately, it's not until they leave home. I wish you luck.

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