Thursday, April 7, 2011

Loving my iPad!

I've been somewhat "GONE" this week because I have a new toy....yes I got my iPad last Friday.  At first I was scared of it...don't laugh its true, I was so gentle with it and put it in its box after maybe 15 minutes being on it.  I was scared of a getting "ATTACHED" so I only did 15 minutes here and there but after a couple days that went out the window, lol!

I LOVE books and read a lot so guess what app is my favorite...yep iBook!  Oh my I've read 4 books so far but I need to slow that down because I just get stuck.  I know iTunes are going to be in my pocketbook!  I did download some free books but.... just not what I want to read.

The kids are enjoying Angry Birds...that's all I will let them use it for now.

Hubby...well he was so nice to let me play with it for a couple days before he got on it.  I'm not sure what he is doing on it but I do see the DJ application.  He keeps asking about downloading Music...go ahead but not your whole iPod collection.

Loving my new gadget and it looks like its going to be fun for blogging but they don't have BLOGGER app...but maneuvering from one page to the next is smooth.  I've been able to comment on other blogs w/o any problems.

What is your favorite iPad app?
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