Saturday, April 16, 2011

Becoming a Server/Customer Service Consultant

Its been a whole week since I quit my job and I'm still floating on cloud nine! 

UPDATE: An owner of a cafe I go to weekly had a meeting with me on Wednesday and presented a short term project for me do for his cafe.  Several of my customers at the cafe I used to work at go into this one too so he has heard what an AWESOME waitress I am.  Well of course if you been doing this for as long as I have than you tend to be an expert. 
Anyways back on track.... we had this meeting and he wants to PAY (yes money not coffee- which I offered when he asked what I wanted in pay, lol) me to go in to the his cafe 4x- a morning, afternoon, evening, and brunch shift.  I would stay for a couple hours and observe what can be done better, what they are doing great at, and policies or procedures I think he needs to implement for the cafe to run smoother.  Wow, it took me back for a bit because he wants to pay me for my knowledge of something I do very well.  I wrote up a proposal and he accepted and no I didn't ask for a lifetime of mocha's, I need groceries so I did ask for a dollar amount. 

I did a morning shift yesterday and it went very well.  I did observe a lot and actually enjoyed doing it.  Tomorrow, I go in for a brunch shift.  Next week I will hit a evening and lunch shift.  Then I will write up an report, present it to the cafe owner, we will discuss it then I will present it to the staff at their staff meeting in May. 

I might be onto something for the future...Consultant to Cafe's!  I'll google and see what the correct title is here soon.  But YEAH me for landing a short term paid gig in less than a week of quiting....Go PAM! 

Side note:  Ran into another cafe owner today that wants to revamp her cafe and she wants me to come in on May 2nd to TALK....hmmmm lets see I might be on to something.  But I think she is more into hiring me as running the cafe on weekends.  I don't want to go back working weekends but family might because I've been putting them to work.  They used to play video games/tv all weekend but not these past 2 weekends but the house looks awesome :) but they are a lil pissy with me.
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