Thursday, April 14, 2011

5 Silly Things About Me

Some might ask why only 5...well I don't want to look too SILLY, right!  Not sure why this post idea popped in my head but I'm going to ride with it! 

1.  The best part of going to sleep at night is...flipping my pillow over and feeling the coolness of the pillowcase.

2.  I only eat veggies raw...hate cooked veggies.  (Ok take that back I'll eat corn and green beans- they don't taste good raw)

3. Coffee is my choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I can drink coffee ALL DAY (probably not a good thing) and still fall asleep at 10pm.  Sometimes I throw in some food!

4. I'm 42 and LOVE PINK...oh wait you knew that!  I would so decorate my whole house in pink/black but Hubby says no!  Fine whatever- I'm only allowed (love how I phrased that) pink items on my side of the bedroom.  (who has "his side and her side" we do!!)  Someday I might even take a pic to show you the difference because you can really see how opposite we are.

5. Still thinks she can shake her booty like she is in her 20's!  I was a big clubber from 25-30 (yes my party days) I dance in my house when no one is around. I'm happy no one can see in...and if they could I'm sure I would hear them laughing their ass off!  My kids roll their eyes at me when a song comes on when I'm cooking and I bust out my moves.  My son has asked me not to dance EVER in public....wow a lil harsh dude!  I know I did this with my mom and her singing.
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Jules from A Little Bite of Life on April 14, 2011 at 10:58 PM said...

We have SO much in common-were we separated at birth? I love flipping my pillow over, I should IV coffee, and I am a dancing fool! Thank you for sharing your five silly things list--I don't think they are silly at all, which I guess makes me....silly too!

April on April 15, 2011 at 12:59 PM said...

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PinkMama on April 16, 2011 at 4:33 PM said...

April thanks~ I will for sure check out your blog hop and also the Review/Giveaway Directory- I love giveaways. Thanks for stopping by.

Jules...LOL that is funny! I swear the best part of going to bed is the coolnes of that pillow. I'm a new follower on your site. We are moms we have to be silly, right??

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