Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Netflix Rocks AT&T Sucks

Our cable box has been tripping for a couple weeks now and after the 4th time of being on the phone with AT&T my husband demanded them to replace the box or he was changing carrier.  Two nights in a row we were watching TV around 9pm and poof the RED X appears on the screen.  At that time of night we are NOT going to call so we switched over to Netflix and watched that!  No sweat off my back until I figured out the cable didn't come back on in the morning or afternoon.  Now your messing with my soap operas- yes I watch soap operas.  I switch between Y&R/All My Kids/Days- never watch all 3 just the one that is exciting- which right now is YR.  Watching my DVR TV shows at night time while everyone slept was my "thing to do".  We will be getting our new box on Thursday. 

Netflix has some awesome documentaries/movies so no worries we will have plenty to watch but I really enjoyed the quiet last night- so maybe having no TV isn't all the bad.
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