Monday, November 8, 2010


Monday morning from 7-8am is so funny!  My lil girl she gets up with a smile, wanting to go to school, takes bath, gets dressed - no problems!  Than there is my son....OMG does he do this on purpose every Monday!  He won't get up and it takes him at least 15 minutes to get out of bed.  To get him into the shower is like watching a big slug move across the room.  He doesn't walk he slithers but it takes him at 10 minutes to go 10 steps.  This morning he put is leg into the shower and called it GOOD...really dude.  I know he didn't take a shower Sat or Sun because I work and I'm not here to say do it! Whats up with boys and water.  After I stand outside the bathroom door (like I don't have other stuff to do) and not let him out until he actually get his whole body under the water then of course I'm the MEAN MOM! He sings a Mean Mom song too....I need to record that.

When I wave to them goodbye a smile forms and I know I have a couple hours to quiet and coffee so its all good :)  This MEAN MOM will now enjoy the rest of her Monday!
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Jamie on November 8, 2010 at 9:38 AM said...

Thankfully, my two who are in school are really motivated to get there, so I don't have to much morning feet dragging. Honestly, I'd lose my mind if I did. I get really crabby when I need them to hurry up or just DO something NOW and they won't.

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