Monday, November 29, 2010

The Allen's Thanksgiving Weekend

Wow what a holiday weekend.  My cousin from Arizona drove 12 hours to come to our house for Thanksgiving dinner...wow brave woman there.  They stayed a couple nights and took that long trek home on Saturday.  It was nice having someone else to cook for besides my family.  The kids had their cousin to play with and they even had some squabbles (Lil Mama)!  We ate good.  My hubby even fell asleep "Al Bundy Style" right after dinner so I'll take that has a big thumbs up! 

I know I'm getting old because each night my cousin was here I was in bed by 10pm- I was wiped out.  She must think we are soooooo boring!  I like boring though.

It rained a lot during the kids vacation but they did wonderful.  I'm very blessed to have such great kids.  Next month we have 2 weeks off so hopefully it won't be raining.

I was sick all weekend- in bed.  I did go to work yesterday but came right back home.  I watched a lot of TV between sleeping.  Since I was sick all weekend and made no money I can't even do any Cyber Monday shopping.  I did do a little shopping on Friday at OldNavy.com and it was quite funny, things kept disappearing out of my cart while I was shopping.  Oh well I guess they werte trying to save me some money..LOL!

Oh wait....before I get ready for Xmas I have 3 birthday to deal with.  Hubby's on Dec 6th, mine on Dec 13th, and my son's on Dec 15th.  Gear up mama pam- you are going to be BUSY!  My son wants to have a Lego Party- his bff just had one and I know I can't top that mom's cake so I will have to buy it somewhere I guess. 

Time to get my booty off the computer and CLEAN the house.  Hope everyone had a blessed holiday!
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