Thursday, November 18, 2010

Don't need a school to have a COMMUNITY!

I met up with a bunch of moms yesterday that "used to" go to the school I go to now and it was so nice watching our kids play and us sitting around "talking".  It felt good just being there.  I miss these ladies a lot but they left the school for many different reasons and I support them all for their decision, as they do mine:) 

Our kids love playing with each other and we enjoy each others company.  We are all so different in many ways but the one thing that brought us together is the "school" but we have taken it to another level and we don't need the school to have our COMMUNITY that we all love and miss because not everyone goes to the same school. 

We are now going to meet every other Wednesday and I look forward to that!!! 

Just had to share my great day yesterday. 

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