Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Over....WOOHOO!

Don't get me wrong Halloween is fun but a lot of work!  This weekend I was non-stop to create a wonderful weekend for the kids.  Halloween arts n crafts, parties, sleep-overs, trick/treating....we were busy ALL weekend.  Then on top of it I had to work too.  I'm exhausted! 

We have the excited princess and the cool SWAT officer!

I was so busy I didn't take that many pictures....bad mom!  Today I am dragging and just want to crawl back into bed!  Not going to happen but hey its all good, my family had a awesome time.

This morning though Lil Man was very difficult to get out of the house to school.  He didn't want to go to school because "he didn't get to relax all weekend".....translation " I didn't get to play video games"  Oh cry me a river dude, like I'm going to let you stay home so you can play video games- NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!  He didn't want to walk with me and told me not to talk to him.  He is sooooo lucky I didn't have all my coffee in my system because it might have gone bad!  LOL...big bad momma that I am :)

Decorations coming down tonight.  Lil Mama wants to help. 
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