Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Mornings- Vent Again

I know your probably tired of my venting about Monday Mornings but its rough!  I work as you know as a waitress and at 41 my body hurts so do you think I want to clean up when I get off work.  Yesterday, 30 minutes after I got home from work I took the kids to the park for 3 hrs!  I was there with some friends so had a blast but that gave my hubby 3 hrs all by himself.  He cooked a fabulous dinner and did a little shopping so of course last night I wasn't too upset about the condition of the house.  But I do have to say I wasn't very happy that my son was still in the same clothes as Saturday....um you took your PJ's off and put the same clothes on and DAD you let it happen.  Ugh-I told my son to change his clothes before we go to the park and he went right in to to do that- so why couldn't hubby say that to him.  Roll eyes!

Now lets get back to Monday mornings....I asked my hubby if he good do a load (1 load) of clothes that had the kids uniforms in so that we would have something to wear- that didn't happen but I did notice that all my hubby's clothes were washed.  So had to pull out some old clothes and work with what we had- lil mama was not happy with her uniform clothing today.  Love to start Monday morning with a lot of crying and yelling.  I put clothes out the night before for the kids except for Sunday's- guess I'll need to walk my tired ass body down to laundry room do my babies laundry when I get home on Sunday's. This morning was hard on everyone. 

As for the house OMG....breath in breath out Pam.  It's not like its totally filthy but at least pick up after yourselves- that's all I ask and ask and ask and ask but no one seems to get it!  My hubby took the kids to Gamestop- the one place they all love going and got games for everyone (not me) so they all vegged out on video games and you can tell because of the wrappers, receipts, bags, snacks wrappers are everywhere- PICK UP PEOPLE! 

When I'm at the computer I can't see the mess so maybe I'll just sit here all day :)  Let them come home and see I didn't do anything and they need to help- wishful thinking but I know I'll be cleaning up soon.  Guess thats my que to go clean....wait I'm going to make lunch and sit down to watch YR and when hubby gets home thats when I'll clean. 

Okay done w/my bitching.....I'll post a better post later- just needed to get this out before hubby gets home and he gets yelled out- feel a bit better now.  :)  Blogging does help WOOHOO!
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