Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happiness is....

This is my Happiness!
Part 1!

I almost forgot I had to do this but it popped in my head while I was taking a shower this morning.  When I saw what day I had to this Blog Hop I went OH NO I work on the weekends and barley get on the computer .  So in my head and the perfect world I thought I would do this post ahead of time and be already...haha as usual that didn't happen. 

I grew up with a lot of turmoil so I never really was happy until about 7 years ago when I FORGAVE people who hurt me through out my life.  My shoulders were a lot lighter and I actually can sleep at night.  My life changed when I forgave. 

I was able to LOVE and that is where my full complete happiness came until my life! 

Today, I'm participating in Jennifer from Oh So Very Me's Blog Hop on Happiness. Yesterday's post came from http://yellowrosegiftscompanyblog.blogspot.com/ check out her post about happiness.  Tomorrow please check out http://geeky-mama.com/ for her happiness post. 

I plan to do a Happiness Part 2!
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