Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Morning and Coffee

I know I've talked about Monday Morning and Coffee in separate posts but today they go together.  I need a lot of coffee to deal with Monday mornings, LOL!

Saturday was filled with running around with kids to do this and do that.  My son played in a soccer tournament and wow my inner soccer mom came out!  I was on the sidelines screaming and clapping.  My son looked proud but he did ask me not to be so loud.  Okay I'll tone it down. 

Sunday I work at a cafe as a manager and its stressful some days.  Yesterday was one of them!  I come home and went right to my room.  That's where everyone hangs out anyways so I'm not closing myself off.  My husband evens brings me my dinner in there- I know a bit spoiled.  I have a hard time walking after being on my feet for 10 hrs.  I'm getting too old and also not in the best health but still get the job done- its the aftermath that kills me.

Monday mornings I would LOVE to just relax after the kids go to school but that's a big fat NO!  Every room is a mess.  Love my kids and husband but they are DIRTY.  This day is far more cleaning than I want to do but I guess that's my life for now.  I try to let them know in a very nice mom/wife voice that I don't want to be cleaning a big mess but they just don't get it.  Their "clean" is a lot different than my "clean".

Anyways, now that I bitched about the Monday Mess again- its time to get off the computer (lip out) and clean my house.  Rolling eyes too BTW!

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