Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who INSPIRES me- Day 4 Assignment Back2Blogging

Wow a deep question! Of course I'm going to say my mom.

My Mom~

What can I say but wow this woman has been thru some shit in her life.  I'm not going to go in detail but my mom is the STRONG woman she is because of what she has had to endure her 60 years.  Sorry mom- told your age but I think your pretty proud of it so no worries. 

My mom has been thru A LOT in her life and I applaud her for fighting the odds the best she could.  My mom is a fighter that is for sure, she doesn't back down.  So unlike myself- who runs for cover whenever issues arise.  My mom has had to deal with her identity- who she really is.  She wasn't told until her teens that her dad wasn't really her dad.   What a blow.  My mom has been abused by pretty much every man in her life- no matter what kind of abuse it was still ABUSE.  She has had to deal with 3 kids who all have gone through abuse in their lives.  She was not aware of some of the abuse until we were older.  She has had to overcome addictions in her life that almost ruined her but she is fighter and she never let it get to a point of destruction.  She is in constant pain every day and that dictates how her day will go-some days she is as young as her grandchildren and some days she can't function.  She has fought this too- by turning to aromatherapy and starting her own business making aromas.   

I could go on and on about my mom and what a special woman she is but that would be such a long post!  I do want to say THANKS MOM because I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for her.  She has inspired me to let go of a lot of anger and pain I've held on to for many years.  She is the one I call when I need advice, comfort or I just need to bitch. My mom ROCKS and its been a rough bumpy road but we made MOM-thanks!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Wow Pam....Thank You! Made my day! Looks like we've reached that place where you're not only my daughter, but also my friend. But then again,,,we've been there for awhile now. Love you Princess...Mom

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