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SITS Back to Blogging Challenge – My first ever blog post

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Hello Everyone

Author: PinkMama
Posted at: Thursday, July 10, 2008
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Hi~My name is Pam but I go by PinkMama on the web. I'm getting real close to the big 40 and there are some things I want to do with the direction of my life. So why not write a blog about it!

What I will be writing about:

* decorating my rental (not a homeowner but still need color/fashion)

* finding my STYLE~ in my house and in my clothing

* organizing my life'

* healthy habits I really need

I'm sure I'll be throwing more out at you (and myself) but this is a good start.
Wow its been 2 years since I started this blog!  I have kept to most of what my first blog says but I think I added a lot more about my family...not so much about me.  I've had some changes in my life since that post but its all good and looking forward to posting more about my life/family.
Waving at everyone out there in blogosphere that is visiting and reading this post.  I'm Pam and still going by PinkMama so whatever you want to call me its all good! I'll be 42 (ouch) this year but hey I've accepted that every  year I get older so why fight it.  My kids love to tell others my age but I cringe when I have to!  I hope you continue to follow my journey- still unsure where I'm going but I do have more direction. 

What I will be writing about:

* Making my rental into a HOME- we have moved to a bigger and better placed.  Feel very blessed to be where we are now.  This HOME fits our family and we have been enjoying this house since Nov 2009.  I've been doing my thing in this house but still want to DECORATE- and still finding out what my style is BTW!

* So far my style is flip flops, jeans, and a cute t-shirt.  How mommy can I be???

* Organizing my life- a plan in progress for sure!  I make To Do lists but do I stay with it- not really.  I'm still working on this part of my life.  Looking for a workable journal/agenda/planner-so if you know of one please let me know:)

* Healthy Habits-  I've lost 25lbs in a year so I think this has happened.  I really watch what we eat but I'm not totally engrossed in it.  Just last night I had a chocolate doughnut.  I try harder with the kids though.  Still working on this but I think I will be for years.

PinkMama will be sharing about kids, hubby, work, my new business (social media), oh yeah being part of my kids school PTA (which we call PTC and I'm Vice Chair).  I do have about 100 different projects that I need to start, work on, and or finish and I'll be writing about those as well.

~Pink Mama (I need to find a cool signature btw)

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