Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sometimes don't you feel like......


Don't get me wrong I will help out just about anyone but sometimes I need to say NO.  I'm not sure why it is but I can only say NO to my hubby and kids.  Just a darn shame, tell ya~!

Tonight on top of trying to get ready for Back to School Night, figure out what I'm going to say when I have to get up in front of the school (not nervous about that at all-lol), and dealing with my 2 bored kids who want to be at home riding their new bikes instead of being at the school past 6pm- I was approached to help a single mom out in need.  I was told it was a very rare occasion that this parent would need me but just in case...OMG don't believe the hype!  After talking to the parent in need- she needs a whole heck of a lot then the occasional pick up from school.  This mom needs to drop off child at 6:30am 2-3 a week, days that school is closed she needs a sitter, also every other weekend.  Really.... then after requesting what she needs then she let me know she can't pay me anything.  First of all- money was never mentioned but for all that she needs to offer something.  Weekends- that's a big no no and I did say I can't do that because I work-which I do on Sunday.  I possibly can handle the drop off but damn that's early for a kid that's not yours.  Mine don't even get up until 7am.  I will help this parent out because my heart says its the right thing to do but a part of me wants to slap myself upside my head!
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