Thursday, September 16, 2010

1st PTC (PTA) meeting TONIGHT

I'm nervous!  Why am I nervous well its been a rough road lately at the school and I'm just hoping that our work we have been doing is making a difference.  We are newly formed PTC (Parent Teacher Corp)group and some days I feel we are just winging it.  A lot of parents look at me for answers and I got to say that's scary because what if I'm not telling them correct information or directing them in the wrong direction or better yet looking totally LOST! 

We have a new principal this year and so far I haven't heard too many good things but its still early right!  She sure did clean up the school A LOT!  However, she isn't as open as the other principals (yes plural) but she is efficient and right now that is what our school needs.  We are a Charter School and we are up for our review this year so certain things need to happen in order for us to get renewed. 

Tonight we have agenda and I hope we STAY on track and move forward.  Moving forward is a phrase I have heard a lot this past couple months.

I want to reach out to parents and get them involved because it so worth it for themselves and for the kids.  My kids are so proud of their mom and guess what I'm proud of myself too.  I feel what I'm doing is worth something and if I look at that BIG picture I know this will help.  My confidence has gone way up and yes I do feel good talking too other parents.  Now do I like getting up in front of a whole classroom full of parents- OH HECK NO but I still do it!  Why- for my kids!!!

So wish me luck and that we have a good turn out for our very 1st meeting of the school year! 

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