Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kid Clutter

We all have it and if you don't please let me know how you do it.  The kids are already coming home with papers everyday and now my desk in the kitchen looks like the paper monster pucked on it! 

Lil Man's is okay with me going through and throwing away what we don't need BUT Lil Mama oh my do I get in trouble if I try to throw anything away.  I get she is proud but I don't need 6 pieces of paper of the same thing- pick one! I gave each kid a big cereal box (the kind you get from Costco w/the double bags in it) and that's where everything goes in for 2010...guess what- both is almost full so something needs to be thrown away since we have a couple more months left. Both are coming home with art work but where do I put it.  I have some framed on the wall but Lil Mama wants to change it everyday and that's not going to happen.  I'm going to find a wall in her playroom to showcase her work-will look into some creative ways but if you know of something please let me know :)

How do kids get so much clothes??? Oh yes all the hand me downs and all the "this is so cute" let me buy it moments that I have.  We have 2 kids we give hand me downs to and I swear I'm giving them clothes every month.  I guess I need to learn how to say no- if I don't need the handmedowns and stop shopping for the kids (hubby would love that).  Better idea- take myself shopping, what a concept !  Mama needs new shoes!

The other day going through Lil Mama's playroom I pulled 2 garbage bag full of little ponies, dolls, baby clothes, and misc stuff that lil mama actually let me give away.  The little girl we gave them too was in HEAVAN and that made both us feel so good.  Lil Mama might be inclined to give away more at later date and I soooooo would love that.  I go girl crazy every b'day/xmas and buy dolls, lil ponies, dress up and all those girly things I would have loved to have growing up but Lil Mama is not me.  Give her artwork, craft, and Lego's and she will be all good!  I think I might need shopping intervention but I'm working on it!

Now did we address the clutter issue...not really but hey I worked through some issues and I'm willing to move on LOL!

I did find a cool site that gives some great ideas: http://smead.com/hot-topics/getting-rid-of-clutter-1380.asp

Lets hear how you handle clutter...... :)
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