Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 3 on the Blogger Challenge is Promoting a Blog Post.

 WOW....where do I promote my blog posts.  I have it already going to twitter automatically and on FB I do have them sent to my blog page.  I don't want EVERYONE reading my blog posts on FB because I sometimes write about them (mainly my hubby) so if they look on their own that's fine but I don't want to blast to my family how pissed off I am at hubby or the kids. 

I'll go thru my posts and promote today on FB! I should write up a post about SALES for Labor Day weekend- I see several deals out there that I could share.  Woohoo I love it when ideas hit me upside my head. 

Last month when I did this I did it wrong- can you believe that (LOL)!  I promoted someone else's blog post not my own.  What a dork I can be sometimes! 
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