Sunday, January 18, 2009

Who's Child Does This..ugh

"Mom,I farted and it smells good" and this came from my 4 1/2 little girl. Where is my girly girl? The things that she says is just remarkable and I shake my head a lot. Who says silly stuff like this....oh yeah my little diva I guess!

We had girl night tonight and watched the Princess Diaries 2. I had fun watching it but Lil Mama was into talking so I missed things here and there but its okay!

Lil Man is at a sleepover and it killed me not calling and checking on him. But he is 7 yrs old he told me and reassured me that he will be okay and I didn't have to call. How did he know I wanted to do that?? He is such a sweetheart because he was very concerned about his sister being here all by herself but I told him that I was going to watch movies with her and she will get extra love tonight. He thought that was cool.

Hubby is out and about...Saturday night is his NITE OUT so he heads out that door around 7pm. I used to stay awake until he came home because I was worried about him. Nowadays I sleep right through him coming in. Not sure what that means. Do I trust him to get his ass home w/o incidents or is it I just I got tired of stressing and sleep was far more important. Okay maybe a little of both, lol!

Well its 12:30 am and I writing on my blog...wow can't sleep, lol! No I'm just making up time that I didn't get to work on here...wink wink. Off to bed I go now. Goodnight.
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