Friday, January 16, 2009

Target-Just Say NO!

I need to stay out of this store. If you see a short chubby redhead heading into El Cerrito's Target, tell her to go home, its me! Just kidding of course.

That store is EVIL because it makes me spend my money on crap we really don't need. I love to buy stuff on SALE. Today I put back the $22.00 Guitar Hero (reg $80) because we already have GH on Wii why do we need one for XBOX! They have 75% off toys and I saw BIG TOYS for under $20 and that hurt walking away. I went in with $25and no purse w/credit cards and that was a good move.

I need to go to therapy for my TARGET ADDICTION. Sad thing is Lil Mama loves to spend her allowance at Target so she is starting out early.
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