Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm not 20 anymore!

Damn I didn't get that memo! I got a big eye opener the other day...I can't move a bedroom w/a big bed and dressers around all by myself!

Why did I do move it all by myself is the big question on every one's mind. Well sad to say but my hubby is not very helpful around the house. First, he wouldn't want to since he worked so hard at his job then I probably would have had to wait til next year to get him to do it anyways. I know that's harsh to say but it reality in my house.

I love to rearrange my house and I thought since we were not moving I needed a change in our room. I haven't like how it has been for a long time. My hubby has to crawl over me to get in and out of bed so that was a PITA. The kids are getting bigger and they don't need me hovering over them every moment so having a place of my own would be nice. When I finished it looked very nice and I enjoy my space now. But was it worth the pain I had to go thru....ummm YEP but I shouldn't do that again.

The next day I woke up in some major pain. I couldn't move my neck and wow the pain in my back was horrible. Of course its a work day so I had to drag my booty to work. I looked pitiful so my boss sent me home after 2 hrs. I came home and went right up to my bedroom and laid down. The best thing though was my room was clean and it felt real good. I did have some quiet time while everyone was gone and that was very nice. Then the kids came home and took care of me. I rested all day hoping that the next day I would be able to work. I can't miss work because that means I get no $$$. Sucks but being a waitress I depend on my tips to live.

Lesson Learned: I AM NOT 20 ANYMORE so no moving big furniture all by myself ! Getting old sucks sometimes.

Damn, how am I going to move the next room around? I might have to bribe hubby with a video game or sex. LOL!
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