Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cut the Clutter~ Chapter 1

I have a lot of self-help/organizing books that I decided I'm going to read them and SHARE the info or at least talk about it.

First Chapter is CUT THE CLUTTER....oh yes I need this bad. My house is so cluttered that I feel I need to move to get out of this CHAOS!

The intro for the first chapter is: If your family's "stuff" has taken your home hostage than this chapter is for you. ARE THEY TALKING DIRECTLY TO ME....lol!

Anyways, lets go see what this chapter is all about.

We all want to pass the Guest Test! My house is on the borderline. I would like a 30 minute "heads up I'm coming over" call then I know I can pass the test. But I wouldn't pass if they knocked right at this moment.

I'm supposed to learn:

* How to Organize to find things quickly
* Ways to re purpose items for storage
* Tips on maximizing shelf and closet space
* Solutions on what to throw, what to keep
* De-cluttering techniques that add beauty to your home

Well the night is ending so I'm going to read chapter 1 tonight and I'll let you know what I'm going to be working on tomorrow!

Hey anything to DECLUTTER my house!

HOW TO CLEAN YOUR HOME FAST by Vickie Christian (591 tips for the Busy Moms) I bought this book at Borders for $1.99 (reg $14,95).
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