Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fighting already and it's only 8am

Ugh! I guess I'm in a for a long day. Lil man is home with a bad toothache (more on that later) and lil mama is not happy about it. She loves her brother but is always ready for him to go back to a school so she can have the house and mom all to her self.

This morning I was on the laptop sitting on the couch and they were fighting over who was going to sit by me. So to ease the tension I sat in the middle and that was no fun for me because my coffee cup was so far away from me that I couldn't REALLY enjoy it. Just one of the many ways I sacrifice for my kids to be happy....lol!

I know I'm in for a long day but I'm going to put them to work around the house. I'm sure they fight over the chores. When does the fighting stop????

Back to being referee.
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