Friday, January 2, 2009

Am I a mean mommie?

I banned my kids from playing with the kids next door. We have had problems with them FOREVER. The boy is 8 and the little girl is 5 and OH MY they are a piece of work. They pick on my kids and put the fear in them to do things...calling them scary cats. My kids have got in trouble many times for doing things they know they are not suppose to do but did it anyways because the kids next door push them into it....knock on other neighbor doors and run. Okay that's okay once or twice but almost everyday. I don't want my kids to have reputation that the KND (kids next door) have. They are not allowed to even go by 2 neighbors house because they stole items out of their yard and lied about it. I don't allow my kids to go around the block w/o an adult but KND can go whatever they want.

Yesterday the KND girl taught my lil girl a new word....Fucking Brat! My lil one is 4 but she holds her own with the older kids. She comes in crying A****R called me a FUCKING BRAT and then she kept saying it. She got put in timeout for saying it to her brother....ugh!

Then later the KND boy came over and open our mail slot in the door and yells to my son.....MY MOM SAYS YOU CAN'T COME TO MY BIRTHDAY! That hurt my son a lot. He is a bit sensitive but still I would have cried too.

All I can do at this point is BAN my kids from playing with the KND!
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