Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why Can't My Family LIKE to Clean- I'd be HAPPY!

I'm happier when my house is in order.  I get a little out of whack when my house is messy.  Now don't get me wrong my house is NOT PERFECT at all- it's lived in.  I do have cobwebs in corners I can't get to and I look at them everyday thinking I need to get them down.  There is clutter in every room but there is an clean version of this house I like to have.  My family well they rather live with junk surrounding them because that means they don't have to clean anything.  Cleaning is not a priority with them- they have far better things to do.  I guess cleaning shouldn't be a priority for them anyways but still help a mama out! I don't sound bitter do I?  LOL!

Getting the kids to do chores is a JOKE!  I have done written ones, iPad chore chart, reward system, and basically threats but they still ohh and aww then do them half assed.  I don't want to be that MOM that cleans their room and does everything for them- I DON'T WANT TO and it takes all of me not to!

Husband- oh my I'm just saying he shows an awesome example of WHAT NOT TO DO for the kids.  They see dad gets to keep his side of the bed messy and leaves his clothes everywhere for MOM to pick up- don't get me started on his man cave porch- eww gross but that is his space.

I know a clean house is just for me but as much as I do for these buggers you would think they would do something for me besides gives me kisses and hugs when I tell them to clean their rooms.  SMH!

This morning HomeMade Simple had a great PDF:  30 Day Organizing Schedule that I'm going to follow and see if I can get some things under control BY MYSELF!

21 Day Meditation Challenge With Oprah and Deepak

Join us on March 11 for a transformational three-week guided meditation journey toward the triad of whole wellness—mind, body, and spirit. In our interactive online program, we invite you to meditate and journal with us each day to embrace the vision of your best self, expand your understanding of your miraculous body, and achieve greater balance and wellbeing. We encourage you to register now for our all-new 21-Day Meditation Challenge—Perfect Health. 

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From Oprah:

Deepak Chopra and I are teaming up for a new 21-day meditation challenge: Perfect Health. We'll be your personal guides. You can register here: http://goo.gl/V5RfN

What I know for sure: Stillness is the space where all creative expression, peace, and love abide.

When you can quiet your mind and reach the still space you will feel both calm and energized. From that space your best work and your best life arises.

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BE STILL with us. http://goo.gl/V5RfN


I joined!!!  How about you?  Let me know if you did- we can help each other :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In Our House...We Are Willing To Help Others

I wouldn't say this happens every day but we have raised some compassionate kids that's for sure.  I hope they are the same at school as they are at home.  When most of their teachers like them then I might go out on a limb and say YES they are as compassionate there as well.

For example, Lil Mama wasn't feeling very well yesterday and Lil Man went to the store to get her some ginger ale and kept checking in on her.  They both do the same when Dad or I are sick.  They love to do things for their friends when something happens.  Lil mama will draw cards for people who are sick or sad in the neighborhood.

There is a lot giving around our neighborhood- kids give toys/clothes (reuse) to other kids.  The other night a neighborhood girl brought over cupcakes for the whole family.  Things like this touch my heart.  I'm so happy my kids are growing up with all these awesome examples and hope they continue into their teens!  LOL!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Craftsy: Online Craft Classes


Online Cake Decorating Class
Online Sewing Class
Online Quilting Class
Online Knitting Class

I took a BAG MAKING video class and it was awesome.  When I get the time I plan to make the cool bag.  Some classes are FREE and some cost but not too much.  

CLASSES: http://www.craftsy.com/classes
WORKSHOPS: http://www.craftsy.com/workshop
PATTERNS: http://www.craftsy.com/patterns
PROJECTS: http://www.craftsy.com/project
BLOG: http://www.craftsy.com/blog/
SHOP: http://www.craftsy.com/shop

Watch a complete lesson of Bag-Making Basics: Drawstring Bag & Bucket Bag and earn a point towards any class for free!

Save 40 % on ANY Buddy Bundle Purchase- Kid Backpacks!

Patch Buddies are an adorable combination of a Plush Toy and a custom Backpack that has a built-in carrying case. There are ten playful animals and four unique characters in the Bubele's Patch Buddy collection and each has a unique personality that will provide endless hours of entertainment and comfort, at home or on the go. Safety is important to us and to your children. So we manufacture and produce our products with the highest quality materials, dedication to safety and especially designed to protect your little ones. To see our loveable and playful collection visit our website at http://patchbuddies.com/ or our facebook page.

To get your 40% off Coupon Code click HERE

These are super cute and I know Lil Mama would love to have one of these.  She loves stuffed animals (has 5 that sleep with her but at least 25 at the foot of her bed)  Love this.  Her birthday is coming up and to get 40% off now that is something I might have to get her!  

It's Not Fair! Kid Phone Issues

Wow if I have to hear those words ONE MORE TIME I'm going to BLOW, lol!  I know I did this to my mom when I was young and now I understand her frustration with us kids.  I think every parent goes through this and how you handle it is beyond me!  I want to give them that MOM STARE and walk away shaking my head but I'm sure that's not good parenting 101.

So I guess I will have to bribe one child so I can make the other child  feel better- does that make sense??  HAHA just kidding of course but that seems to work so why not.  Here is the IT'S NOT FAIR dilemma going on in our house.

Lil Man is upset that Lil Mama MIGHT get my iPhone for her 9th Birthday.  The problem is for his 10th Birthday we got him a simple flip phone but for his 11th Birthday we got him a very nice Galaxy 1 phone that does a lot. He isn't upset she is getting a phone on her 9th bday but that she is getting an iPhone.  I know this all sounds ridiculous and I agree! Kids having phones at this age- I got it and I do shake my head at why we do this BUT we live in an area or era (lol) I need them to be able to communicate with us when they are not around.  These kids are BUSY and for the past 2 years it has been very nice that my son has a phone.

Now my daughter she doesn't really want the phone to CALL OR TEXT she wants it for the APP's.  She actually wants a Ipod touch but damn we can't afford the $175 price tag.  I'm not impressed with my iPhone and would rather get a Galaxy 111 and we have the family plan so giving her this phone would be no money out of our pocket (except for the Galaxy) so for the US (the parents) it works out better.

I totally get WHY he is upset but damn, it would save us a lot money by doing it this way.  Now I guess the best way is to get her a flip phone for a year and than for her 10th birthday she can have my iPhone but that just means I don't get the Galaxy.  Geez I sound super selfish but she doesn't want the phone to call or text she wants to play the apps.  I'm confused now on what to do, LOL!


Cree and Scooter Kid's Book- We LOVE it!

My daughter loves this book and we read it a couple times a week.  She knows it by heart but still wants to read it so that makes me feel good.   Reading has been a struggle in our house for a couple months so when I see she loves it than I will encourage that.  If we have to read the same book over and over than let's do it as long as we are reading! 
Here is her video review of the book:
You can purchase the book HERE.  
Also if you are a parent please join Cree and Scooter's Parent Ambassador Program and earn rewards for sharing about the book.  Click on banner and it will bring you to the site! 
From website:
The Cree and Scooter book series will enable young readers to challenge their imagination as they learn about the world. Cree and Scooter make learning fun with every adventure and encourage readers to learn about different cultures, people, world geography, history, and language.
Cree and Scooter offer factual information creating a healthy learning environment. In each book kids are exposed to world geography, history, languages, animals, imagination, song, dance, different cultures and customs. The book was made engaging, funny and colorful with the intent to inspire kids to want to travel and learn about the globe just like Cree and Scooter. Travel with Cree and Scooter to different countries as they trail-blaze their way across the globe.
Cree and Scooter Book Series will contain:
  • Location of the country
    being visited
  • Historical, popular landmarks
    and attractions
  • Language spoken
  • Cultural aspects – entertainment,
    sports, significant dates, and
  • Customs
  • People of that country
  • Animals
  • Food
  • World Map on the front and
    back cover with the country
    being visited, colored and
    identified with the country flag
  • Mini Dictionary in back of the
    book with the most common
    used words (For example, Hello,
    Goodbye, Thank You, etc…)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dr. Seuss - 5 Books For $5.95 + Free Backpack & Audio Book

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday is March 2nd. No American writer has had as great an impact on children's literature as Dr. Seuss. His imaginative characters, vivid illustrations, and catchy rhymes are instantly recognizable to anyone who grew up reading his stories. Create a personal library of children's books by joining Dr. Seuss & His Friends book club.

Great Deal for only $5.95! Includes: - The Cat in the Hat, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Ten Apples On Top, Go Dog Go! & The Tooth Book - Free colorful Cat in the Hat Backpack to carry all your books in. - Free shipping. - Free Dr. Seuss & His Friends Audiobook read by Jason Alexander, David Hyde Pierce or Kelsey Grammer. 

*Note that this is only available during the Dr. Seuss Birthday weekend celebration March 1 – March 3, 2013.

Why join Dr. Seuss & His Friends book club?

Receive 3 new books each month.
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Note: This offer is a monthly book club. Customers will automatically be charged and sent additional books each month. To manage your account, call 1-800-353-3140 or login to your account online: https://www.earlymoments.com/Login/

$15.00 Whale Watching Special- Newport Bay, Calif

Newport Landing Whale Watching has served southern California for 30 years providing whale watching and dolphin cruises. Year around cruises view many varieties of whales including the giant blue whale which is over 80 feet in length (during the summer and fall months), finback whales, grey whales (winter and spring months), minke whales, humpback whales, several types of dolphin (including giant Rizzo dolphin over 14 feet in length), seals, and all sorts of other marine life. Each cruise is a unique experience; you may never know what you might encounter. Newport Landing is located in Newport Bay, Newport Beach and only minutes from most of Southern California. Whale watching in Dana Point and Long Beach.  With a 96% success rate viewing whales and/or dolphin almost every trip has viewing opportunities for these mammals. Whether for an individual or for a larger group looking to join one of the general admission whale watching cruises, Newport Landing Whale Watching takes great pride in sharing the magical experience of our whale and dolphin cruises.  

Newport Landing Whale Watching - $15 Whale Watching cruise special

This sounds like a lot fun!!! I plan to take my kids soon.  I will blog about our trip- so look forward to that as well!  Can't wait- I love the ocean and I want to share that with my family.  

March Is National Frozen Food Month~TIPS

Even if you’re not an extreme couponer, you can still strategize your grocery shopping to save money. Time is another important thing to save.

Coupon site BeFrugal.com founder Jon Lal offers this advice:

1.       Make a list. This basic strategy saves a ton of time and money. One simple way is to use the notes feature of your smartphone and add items to your list as you realize you need them. Since we usually have our phones with us 24/7, the list is easy to manage. When you shop stick to the list to save lots of time and money.
2.       Check your grocery store’s weekly ad in advance. Sunday flyers are available online, so you do not need to buy a paper or wait until Sunday. Look at it online whenever you want and review the sale items while comparing that to your list.
3.       While you are looking at the sales online, now is a perfect time to find coupons for items that are already on sale. Get grocery coupons online; quickly search for the items you have on your list or see as being on sale in the grocery store’s flyer then print them out and you are ready to shop. This eliminates clipping coupons and keeping coupons you may never need in a bulky binder.
4.       Stock up (if you can). Some grocery stores will be having big sales on frozen foods in honor of Frozen Food Month. As discussed in the tip above, you can also get grocery coupons for these items to get additional savings. If your freezer is already full or you do not need these items, skip them – even if they are on sale. It’s not a bargain if you cannot use it!
5.       Consider buying groceries online. In addition to some grocery stores offering online orders and delivery, you can often get great deals buying items online (and getting free shipping on them, of course) when you use promo codes and earn cash back – this is a portion of your total that gets deposited into a free account for you – especially when buying items which grocery coupons are rarely offered on and nonperishable foods. Don’t rule out getting grocery store delivery, either. While there may be a fee of $6-10 for delivery, it may be worth it to you, depending on how much time it can save you.

BeFrugal.com Cash Back

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