Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Stress Levels Are HIGH In Our House

Oh My Gosh- can Friday please come like RIGHT NOW!  My hubby has been gone over 2 weeks but will be returning this Friday.  The kids are done- they are having meltdowns right and left.  I'm trying to keep it together for them but I notice that I'm turning to unhealthy foods and a lot of it!  Eating junk food is my stress reliever- not good Pam!!!

Yesterday, lil mama (9 yrs old) wouldn't even get out of bed to go to school.  She laid in my bed until noon- she cried on and off all morning.  She loves going to school so I knew she wasn't faking it to just stay at home- she was sad.  After she talked to her Grandparents and her Daddy she got in a better mood- thank goodness or else we all would have been in trouble.

Today, lil man (11 yrs old) picked fights with his sister and me- not cool dude! He was so disrespectful in his words and actions, I had to call his daddy to get him to calm down.  He felt so bad for his meltdown but we are all dealing with this last week so emotionally so we hugged it out but he also knows that this won't be tolerated.

We are all dealing with the stress of Dad being gone in our own ways but we all know we are also here for each other.

Our family unit is tight, we spend a lot of time together and we enjoy each other.  So having Dad gone for 3 weeks has put us in a whirlwind and we don't know quite how to handle these emotions.  However, we all need to look at the BIG PICTURE- Dad being gone is not to hurt us but to make our situation better. With this new position and raise we no longer will need to worry if our rent will be paid on time.  We are not going to be rich but we can breathe.

I'm also taking strides to make our family unit stronger and thriving by starting my own Virtual Assistant website.  I've been doing a lot of training and I know what direction I need to go to make this happen.  We are super excited about our future- let's just hope we can get through these next couple days, HEHEHE!
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