Friday, May 17, 2013

Client Organization- Starting Up My VA Business

I've been working pretty hard getting a routine down and getting my Virtual Assistant Business up and running.  So I thought I would share some tips/tricks with my readers.

But to be honest getting started is hard and I feel like I'm going in a 100 Different Directions.
When this happens I get frustrated then the stress kicks in and BAM I'm frazzled.  I need to MASTER the stress and not let it rule my life.  Easier said than done but it needs to happen.  I need to find a BALANCE not a BALANCING ACT.  

First thing first~ ORGANIZATION!  

Right!  I'm not the kind of person who can ride on the seat of her pants and just do it.  I need a plan and purpose.  Now my mom is PLANNER- I look at her and all her to do lists but she gets sh*t done so it must work.  
  • Write that To Do List every morning or at night.  Either way works.  I have a list for each client and myself.  I Prioritize my lists,  I put numbers (1-3) by each task example~ 1- Very Important 2- Soon 3- Coming Up.
  • Notebook for each client (including myself)- I write down all info I need for the client here (passwords, logins, and other account info) then I write down a schedule- my day to day tasks.  If I have meeting with them I write down the notes in notebook.  I make sure I go through this notebook every week to make sure I'm on task and don't forgetting anything.  Everything is one place.  
  • My Inbox-  I read my emails every morning and organize it.  I found this was a big problem for me so I deleted about 5000 emails a couple months so I can move forward because having that many emails were stressing me out big time.  I STAR certain emails I want to go back to during the day.  I also set up TASKS I need to do for some emails that require action.  For my clients I have a FOLDER that every correspondence goes in there so it's all in one place (like the notebook)  You don't want to be looking for an email a client sent you 2 months ago- it is in the client folder.  I don't like it going directly to folder (you can do that) but in my inbox so I can put down in my notebook plus take action- don't leave in INBOX.  At the end of the day your inbox should be clean and ready to start back up in the morning.  
  • Calendar- A MUST!!!  I use Google Gmail so this is very easy for me!  I color coordinate every client and other tasks. But I also use a paper calendar for my blog posts/scheduling.  
Okay so that's enough for now.  If you have great ideas/tips to keep your clients organized please leave a comment- I'm always wanting new ways that might make this process easier : )

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