Friday, May 17, 2013

I Love Getting My Sverve On: For Bloggers

What is SVERVE- it's where Bloggers and Brands Connect. Unleashes your Social Verve! 

At first I was a bit confused but the more I looked at it and got involved I'm loving Sverve.  This platform reminds me of Pinterest but for Bloggers.  You can add blog posts and then others can SHARE and LIKE your tip.

Also this is wonderful place that bloggers and brands can connect with each other.  Brands add CAMPAIGNS and Bloggers apply for the campaigns.  I have done some awesome campaigns that have paid $25-50, received a Workshop Conference for free plus been able to sign up for Affiliate opportunities that have been paying well.

What I like is the NETWORKING with other bloggers.  You can endorse others and vise versa- I love to see when someone endorses me.  Also helps you get more points and the more points you get the better chance the brands will connect with you.

What are you waiting for...Sign Up NOW! 

  • Click HERE to sign up
  • Add 5 Areas of Influence
  • Add Your Own Tips
  • Share Other Bloggers Tips
  • Endorse Other Bloggers
  • Ask to be Endorsed
  • Apply for Campaigns

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