Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Son is a Lover NOT a Fighter

That is what he told me yesterday!  Ummm he is 11!  No loving going on dude!

He went to the middle school he will be attending next year to shadow a student there.  There was a incident in 1st period that he felt got way out of hand for no reason but his friend felt he needed to protect him.  I guess some girl flicked Ronnell's shirt because she thought he was talking about her but he wasn't- they were discussing their friend that has same name (sam).  His friend got so upset and starting arguing with other students and then the teacher.  My son appreciated what his friend did but also felt it wasn't necessary.  Created a big mess.

He came home and did tell me about the incident.  He wasn't too concern about it but told me he is a LOVER not a FIGHTER.  Of course I laughed but I knew he meant this was not going be something he gets involved with when he goes to school.  He feels when you give people who are picking on you attention then they win.  If you ignore then they leave you alone because it shows you don't care.  He wishes more kids would be more inclined to not let the the little things bother them and let go of their pride.  He is one smart kid!

I'm hoping we made the right decision but we live in a very urban city and the schools here are rough no matter where you go!  Oh Middle school here we come!

How can you not like this face?

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