Thursday, May 2, 2013

CardNanny.com: Monthly Budget Manager- 14 Day Free Trial Coupon Code

With my husband starting a new position, we will have more financial responsibilities coming up in the future (new car, college savings, and retirement) so we will need some help creating a budget.  I came across an online Monthly Budget Manager that fits what we need and it's only $5.95 a month- easy and affordable!

CardNanny (love the name too) Features:
  • Budget Management:  Keep track of budget by entering your monthly income and bills.  Then you will see exactly how much you're spending each month on particular items.  You can 100% customize your categories.
  • Text/Email Reminders: I would love to get a reminder when the cable bill or the cell phone needs to be paid.  By the way 35% of your FICO score is payment history so setting up these reminders will help you not be late. 
  • Tracks Reward Points: I know I've missed out or totally forgot about some of my credit card rewards so this is wonderful feature. 
  • Manage Goals/To Do Lists//Notes: I need something to keep me on track with my money goals and to have everything on one site is awesome. I loose those to do notes!
  • Store Receipts/Warranties:  Upload receipts so you don't miss those warranty periods.  I always seem to forget about those. 
  • Card Management:  Keep track of spending on what card and their balances. 
  • Credit Card Application Status: Helpful information when applying for new cards
  • Provides Reliable Help/Support: Knowing you have the support of the site that is tracking your money and info is a must! 

I know several people who would love CardNanny because it would help them be more organized with finances, save time because everything is in one place, and that means more time doing FUN stuff!

PinkMama's Place Readers get a 14 Day FREE TRIAL by using this coupon code: TryForFree

Give it a try and let me know how YOU like it!

Want more info or take a tour please visit CardNanny HERE.

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