Friday, February 8, 2013

Gojo Purell Review- 2 Thumbs Up!

I was pretty excited when I got the box full of GoJo Purell products to review.  I know my kids don't always wash their hands when they use the bathroom because I usually have to tell them to go back in to do it.  Also I'm always cleaning the bathroom and kitchen to make sure we are not spreading germs everywhere.

Having these products around the house is a blessing during this flu season.  I put the Gojo Purell Hand Sanitizer/Dispenser AD-7 in the bathroom (it wouldn't stick to our wall so it's on the counter).  It was very easy to set up and put the soap in so I loved that.  The kids are washing their hands more I hope, I haven't had to say too much lately.    My lil girl took off with the pink Gojo Sample of Purell Jelly Wrap and has it on her backpack now- wonderful spot! She loves the jelly wrap because she says it's not going anywhere that is how strong it is!  The Purell Pal is in our kitchen and I love this cute thing.

As a mom I feel every house should have these items to help stop the spread of GERMS!  Dad is the only one in the house that got really sick so we think we are doing pretty good fighting this flu from getting the best of us.  Dad need to use this more LOL!

If you are interested in learning more about GOJO PRODUCTS please visit http://www.shoplet.com/

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