Friday, February 8, 2013

My Son Has the Biggest Heart!

I had a proud mama moment last night because one of Ronnell's friends didn't get into a school they auditioned for and he was bummed for her.  He said " I just want to tell the judges off and how could they not pick her, it's just wrong".    Then he called his friend and asked her if is she was okay.  They talked for awhile and I could hear him reassuring her that it will be fine.  He is a great friend.

Yesterday, Ronnell told his daddy that I was going to be his Valentine so they will have to share me.  I feel loved.  Hopefully with 2 Valentines I might actually get a present LOL!  Just hidden...NOT!

He still loves to snuggle with me at night when everyone else goes to sleep.  He is almost as tall as I am so it's funny he is all curled up with his mom but damn I love it!

Ronnell also is a great big brother, even though they fight a lot.  This boy has her back, if anyone is messing with her he is on them!  Go Big Brother you ROCK.

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