Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kids and Homework- Oh My!

I feel like I'm back in school and I have no idea WTF to do!  My 5th grader is bringing home math homework that looks foreign to us.  My husband and I both look at each other as to see who can help our child but we both know we can't.  It's straight crazy!  I'm thinking in the 5th grade either I was flirting with the boys too much or I actually got it back then.

Last night it was my turn to help with homework so I looked at the page and just went blank!  I looked at the examples and them proceeded to do it, hoping I was right.  After going through the steps with my son at least 5 times he still didn't GET IT.  My patience by this time was gone because I feel he was using me to do his homework.  I gave him to his dad at this point, using the "I need to make dinner" excuse.  Dad didn't even understand so the child was left doing it on his own which ended up being 3 hours of "I don't understand" fit. He wouldn't even give it a try- he just wanted US to do it for him and I wasn't falling for it again!  We tried to reason with him and I think he was super tired but just wouldn't calm down.  At that point (it's 8:30pm  and we have been doing this since 4:30) I gave up and told him I would wake him up early so we can tackle it then.

Why is homework so STRESSFUL!!!!
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Pearletta Wilson on February 20, 2013 at 1:46 PM said...

They changed the way we used to work maths. I saw a news item a few weeks ago and I couldn't ubderstand what they were doing at all. You might have to go to school ;)

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