Tuesday, February 26, 2013

BLOGGERS: The Blog Workshop Conference (online)- May 17th-19th

The Blog Workshop is a 3 day ONLINE conference for bloggers and vloggers providing information that will allow them to take their blogging/vlogging ventures to the next level. The Blog Workshop will help bridge the gap between bloggers, brands, PR professionals and more. "Where Blogging Meets Business" The Blog Workshop is the ultimate conference for bloggers, from newbies to experienced bloggers, wanting to develop their brand.

Who wants to go???  ME! ME! ME!  Raising my hand real high- GUESS WHAT... I CAN!  In the past I've been unable to attend due to childcare issues and no way I can afford to take off from work to go.  I came across the PERFECT conference that I can stay at home plus the best part is it's AFFORDABLE! 

When I looked at what was on the agenda I knew I needed to attend!  Here is what will be discussed:

Every single topic I want to know more about so this conference is for ME!  Click HERE to see the agenda.  There will be speakers from IZEA, Blog-Trends, The Blog Frog and more!  Click HERE to see the list of speakers.  Wow, I'm impressed and can't wait for this to happen.

They are also have Grant and Scholarship programs.  Check them out!

You can also purchase discounted tickets through their Indiegogo campaign perks~ check out the video to learn more then GET YOUR TICKET! Also please SHARE this information with your readers! 

So who is with me~ Sign up TODAY!!!  Click HERE to register!

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