Monday, December 3, 2012

Mean Girls Video- LOVE IT!

My little girl was born with extreme clubfeet (dr said she probably wouldn't walk) but she fought all odds and she is doing more than just walking- she is dancing.  She joined a dance class this year at Destiny Arts in Oakland and LOVES it!  She practices every day and is doing an awesome job.   

This year she is going to a new school and having a hard time fitting in with the other kids.  She has never been a social butterfly but she cares about what other people think about her, of course.  She has been picked on about her feet because when she runs she is pigeon toed and so kids laugh at her but it doesn't stop her one bit. She really doesn't let it bother her too much.  I love her strong will and her motivation.  She won't let this disability get the best of her.   So when I heard this song she was dancing to for the dance class I feel in love with it.  But when I saw who sang it was even more in love with the song.  Rachel Crow from The Voice, I loved her on that show.  

Here is my little girls dance routine she learned:

I hope you enjoy it!  I smile every time I watch it.  

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