Saturday, December 1, 2012

How To See Sites In Your Facebook News Feed

If you want to see PinkMama's Place  (or any page you want ) in your News Feed than follow the below steps.  Do this with all the Facebook Pages you want to see in your news feed.  
1. Go to PinkMama's Place
2. Hover over the “LIKE" button. 
3. Click the “LIKE" button- if you haven't already!
4. Now hover over "LIKED" again and confirm “Show in News Feed” is selected
6. Hover over 'LIKED' again and click 'add to interest list' either a list you already have or make a new one. Then just look at the list when you are on Facebook.
7. Also can click on GET NOTIFICATIONS- so that means every time I post you will get a notifications.  I don't do this with all pages I like just ones that I don't want to miss out on- for example there are a couple blogs that have giveaways everyday so I want to know about that. 
8. Now I hope you see my updates more!
Another way to see my updates more is to LIKE AND ENGAGE with my posts.  
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