Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Christmas in the Allen Family

It was pretty touch and go for Christmas this year.  We have been out of work due to my surgery and hubby taking care of me.  So money for the holidays was not coming in and I was getting scared my kids wouldn't have anything under the tree but we had some awesome angels save the day! I did go back to work the weekend before Christmas so I had some tip money!!  We had a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS and I felt very blessed for my family and friends.

This was their BIG GIFT~it's quite funny to watch and it makes me smile!

Here are couple presents they got from others:

They were very happy and that was all I wanted!

Before Christmas we went through the kids toys and gave to another family who was having a hard time during the holidays.  I wanted the kids to know how important it was to GIVE during the holidays and it wasn't all about the PRESENTS!

I grew up in not a very religious family, of course we knew and believed in God but Christmas was all about FAMILY and enjoying spending time with our loved ones.  I've gone over the history of Christmas with the kids but of course the presents are all what they are interested in.  I think as the years go we will do more about WHY there is Christmas and of course keep the FAMILY a big part of it.  However, we live in an area with very little family so we might have to TRAVEL next year!

This year I felt very blessed and I hope to give back what I received this year.  Thanks to my angels who warmed my heart and dried up my tears.
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