Thursday, September 30, 2010

My NEW Blog Design by Cutesy Couture Designs

While I was doing the Back to Blogging event with the SITS gals this wonderful blogger offered to other bloggers to redesign their blogs for such an incredible price I couldn't pass on it!  Plus the design on her website http://www.cutesycouturedesigns.com/ was just what I was looking for.  I emailed her and she got right back to me and I loved that! She asked what I like, colors, and really wanted my opinion on what I want my blog to look like and GUESS WHAT...she made it BETTER than I imagined! 

Thank you Kate for doing such a wonderful job and making my personal blog so ME!  Love it Love it! 

I highly recommend Kate for blog design!  Please check her out and lets support fellow mom bloggers!!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Going to be a Social Media Manager

Yes Mom I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up!  A Social Media Manager~this entails managing online social media profiles like facebook & twitter for businesses.  I've been training here and there for the last year but just recently took courses on How To Become a SM Manager. I love it and it fits in right now with what I am doing for others. 

One of my projects this week is to work on my husbands website- get it all cleaned up, install new plug-ins, get that social media up and running for him, and get more traffic coming to his site. 

Other project is my new website- pamallenonline.com.  I have it up and running now I just need to add content- start writing posts! 

This is wonderful because I have one site I need to do maintenance on and the other site I'm setting up so I'm working on 2 different kind of sites and that's what the course taught me how to do!  I'll keep you updated on the progress of both pages. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

99 Cents 6"x6" Photo Book Deal!

Another great offer from ArtsCow. Pretty much the same concept as the previous free memo pads and mousepad deals, all you need to do is share and shout this offer to your friends on Facebook. Once you have posted this promotion on your Facebook wall, you can use your activated coupon code to design a hardcover 6” x 6” for only $0.99*, no shipping fees required!

This 20-paged hardback version is completed with a sterling matte cover that allows you fully personalize from back to front. Moreover, you can choose from hundreds of designs using our pre-designed templates if you wish to seek inspiration and ideas.

They only allow 500 per day so if you don't get today try tomorrow!
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sometimes don't you feel like......


Don't get me wrong I will help out just about anyone but sometimes I need to say NO.  I'm not sure why it is but I can only say NO to my hubby and kids.  Just a darn shame, tell ya~!

Tonight on top of trying to get ready for Back to School Night, figure out what I'm going to say when I have to get up in front of the school (not nervous about that at all-lol), and dealing with my 2 bored kids who want to be at home riding their new bikes instead of being at the school past 6pm- I was approached to help a single mom out in need.  I was told it was a very rare occasion that this parent would need me but just in case...OMG don't believe the hype!  After talking to the parent in need- she needs a whole heck of a lot then the occasional pick up from school.  This mom needs to drop off child at 6:30am 2-3 a week, days that school is closed she needs a sitter, also every other weekend.  Really.... then after requesting what she needs then she let me know she can't pay me anything.  First of all- money was never mentioned but for all that she needs to offer something.  Weekends- that's a big no no and I did say I can't do that because I work-which I do on Sunday.  I possibly can handle the drop off but damn that's early for a kid that's not yours.  Mine don't even get up until 7am.  I will help this parent out because my heart says its the right thing to do but a part of me wants to slap myself upside my head!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday

I'm not sure why I decided to this but I went to my new favorite blog One Brownie At A Time and she was doing this Post It Note Tuesday so for the FUN of it I did it too!

That One Mom

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday's are ROUGH!

I enjoyed my cup of coffee and now its time to get moving and get things DONE.  Personally I would love to sit at the computer all day (not very healthy I know) but yes I have CLEANING to do- geez sometimes the life of mom sucks!  Only the cleaning part. 

Weekends are busy at the Allen's.  Usually on Saturday we have a b'day party or playdate to go to for each kid.  We try to clean house, and when I say "we" I do ask everyone but I usually get "Oh Mom its Saturday" attitude so I tend to do it myself.  Sunday's I go to an actually J.O.B.- I'm a waitress/manager at a cafe that I've been with for 11 yrs.  Sunday's are CHAOS and I'm the one in charge- pressure and more pressure.  I have a great crew so that helps but some days I just want to give it the big middle finger.  I come home to a messy house- love my hubby but cleaning is not his forte.  I should have caught that clue when I started dating him and he had old beer bottles under his bed.  But hey love is blind, right!  I do get dinner cooked for me though- so big woohoo for hubby on that.  However, when I get up on Monday I see Hurricane Allen has hit my house yet again. 

I guess I need to move my big booty off this comfy chair, blast some smooth RB, put on my gloves and conquer this MESS! 

Do you like Coffee?

I LOVE me some coffee.  Tell you the truth I can drink this stuff all day!  Yep all day and still fall asleep at 10pm.  It tastes so good.  Thank goodness my husband works at Peets Coffee as a machine operator and brings home coffee all the time!  Do you know how much money he saves me!!! 

My hubby didn't drink coffee until he started at his job 5 yrs ago and now he needs it EVERYDAY! 

I guess I needed to share this because I'm sitting her at the computer drinking the BEST cup of coffee.  I'm also in my PJ's, house is quiet-kids at school, and its Monday!  What a beautiful start.  It's going to be a blessed one for sure.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to Blogging Day 5: What Blogging Means to You

What blogging means to me~ going blank of course but it will come to me.  I just recently started being active on this blog because I do want to incorporate blogging into my life.  I feel its going to be an awesome way to express my feelings- good or bad.  My family is a trip sometimes so I love too write about all the goofy fun stuff my kids do.  I'm having a hard time posting some stuff but guess what I write it but it stays as a draft.  I had a diary in my teens and this is so much more fun. 

I have a journey that I'm traveling and this blog is helping me in so many ways.  I'm a pretty shy person but if I can write down my feelings than people will understand me more.  I have trouble talking in front of people because I'm always wondering what they are thinking- working on that!  If I can write down my feelings and people can relate or understand than its all good.  I love email- I'm a hate the phone kind of girl.  Phones-ugh!  I know a bit odd but its how I am! 

I'm going to be venturing on a new path soon and this blog is where I'm going document it.  My journey to becoming a Social Media Manager.  Looking forward to this and I'm real excited about future opportunities. 

Blogging is a lot work though.  It's not just writing it- well maybe for some but for others this is a way to communicate with others and that requires work.  I LOVE visiting other blogs and learning about them and their journeys.  I have became web friends with other bloggers and I hope to gain more relationships with my own journey.  Blogging is a creative expression outlet and I'm excited to be in the blogging world.

I give a BIG THANKS to Blogfrog and to my favorite community on there: The Secret to Success is Support Community for having these wonderful events and SUPPORT!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

1st PTC (PTA) meeting TONIGHT

I'm nervous!  Why am I nervous well its been a rough road lately at the school and I'm just hoping that our work we have been doing is making a difference.  We are newly formed PTC (Parent Teacher Corp)group and some days I feel we are just winging it.  A lot of parents look at me for answers and I got to say that's scary because what if I'm not telling them correct information or directing them in the wrong direction or better yet looking totally LOST! 

We have a new principal this year and so far I haven't heard too many good things but its still early right!  She sure did clean up the school A LOT!  However, she isn't as open as the other principals (yes plural) but she is efficient and right now that is what our school needs.  We are a Charter School and we are up for our review this year so certain things need to happen in order for us to get renewed. 

Tonight we have agenda and I hope we STAY on track and move forward.  Moving forward is a phrase I have heard a lot this past couple months.

I want to reach out to parents and get them involved because it so worth it for themselves and for the kids.  My kids are so proud of their mom and guess what I'm proud of myself too.  I feel what I'm doing is worth something and if I look at that BIG picture I know this will help.  My confidence has gone way up and yes I do feel good talking too other parents.  Now do I like getting up in front of a whole classroom full of parents- OH HECK NO but I still do it!  Why- for my kids!!!

So wish me luck and that we have a good turn out for our very 1st meeting of the school year! 


Who INSPIRES me- Day 4 Assignment Back2Blogging

Wow a deep question! Of course I'm going to say my mom.

My Mom~

What can I say but wow this woman has been thru some shit in her life.  I'm not going to go in detail but my mom is the STRONG woman she is because of what she has had to endure her 60 years.  Sorry mom- told your age but I think your pretty proud of it so no worries. 

My mom has been thru A LOT in her life and I applaud her for fighting the odds the best she could.  My mom is a fighter that is for sure, she doesn't back down.  So unlike myself- who runs for cover whenever issues arise.  My mom has had to deal with her identity- who she really is.  She wasn't told until her teens that her dad wasn't really her dad.   What a blow.  My mom has been abused by pretty much every man in her life- no matter what kind of abuse it was still ABUSE.  She has had to deal with 3 kids who all have gone through abuse in their lives.  She was not aware of some of the abuse until we were older.  She has had to overcome addictions in her life that almost ruined her but she is fighter and she never let it get to a point of destruction.  She is in constant pain every day and that dictates how her day will go-some days she is as young as her grandchildren and some days she can't function.  She has fought this too- by turning to aromatherapy and starting her own business making aromas.   

I could go on and on about my mom and what a special woman she is but that would be such a long post!  I do want to say THANKS MOM because I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for her.  She has inspired me to let go of a lot of anger and pain I've held on to for many years.  She is the one I call when I need advice, comfort or I just need to bitch. My mom ROCKS and its been a rough bumpy road but we made MOM-thanks!!!!


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