Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thankful Tuesday!

The strangest thing happen this morning that had me speechless for a second.  My son got up and said "Mom I want to take a shower"  the key word is WANT

But the the strangest part was this would make it 2 days in a row.  That hasn't happen since he was maybe 4 and LOVED bathes.  When he turned 5 he was too old for bathes, he told me.  So from that day on showers it has been but for the past 2 years (he is 9 now) its like pulling fricken teeth to get this boy to even shower!!  We would have outright meltdowns in the morning/night and after so many of them I just gave up...he had to take at least 3 showers a week- no ands/if/buts dude!  That was our compromise to stop the meltdowns.  He got to pick the days- I know kind of a soft mom there but I wanted him to want to do this on his own instead of me threatening bodily harm (just kidding but you know I thought it).  I would let him know he was stinking and left reminders but this was his thing. 

So WOOHOO my boy took a shower 2 days in a row and I'm very thankful!  Now family and friends don't share to him that I posted this because I know he would be sooooo embarrassed but hey isn't that what moms are for :)

Do any other moms have such a hard time getting their son's to take baths/showers?
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