Monday, March 7, 2011

Stork Brokers- New BzzAgent Campaign

NEW BzzAgent Campaign:

Forget the garage sale. Join StorkBrokers and get paid for your kids’ old toys, clothes, accessories and more right from your computer. Plus, when you sign up for up StorkBrokers your first three sales will be commission free.

Why else do we recommend joining StorkBrokers?

It’s a simpler way to find and sell the toys, clothes and accessories you and other parents are looking for — there’s no need to wade through unwanted kid-related content like you may on auction sites
Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? You can request it!
As a BzzAgent, you’re among the first people to check out and try StorkBrokers — show them how you can help get the word out!
StorkBrokers isn’t just about selling and buying — it’s about learning, too. That’s why the site also offers tips and advice to help you grow as a parent within a community of other parents
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