Tuesday, March 15, 2011

12K- WTH Did I Get Myself Into?

This is a question I've asked myself every day for the past month...REALLY PAM!  12k...I barley can walk a mile, just kidden but still!  I got pulled into this project by another parent that was super stoked about this and wanted to make money for the school and now he is moving leaving me with this in my lap.

A lil bit about the 12 K- every year San Francisco holds this event called Bay To Breakers and this year is its 100th race. Our school is going to use this has a fundraiser- each runner will get a sponsor/s for $150 ($50 to pay registration and $100 goes to the school) and the monies will go towards the school's MUSIC PROGRAM.  We have about a dozen people (parents/admin/teachers) that are willing to do this and so even though its not the biggest money maker we still are going to do it!  Our goal was to get 50 people but it just didn't work out.  Also I won't be running..this body only knows how to walk :)!

Our music program was CUT last year like almost every school and we have been having fundraisers (coupon books, cookie dough, holiday bazaar, and read-a-thon) all year long to help pay for a music program to return to our kids.  Well good news this week we got a music teacher but for only one day a week- better than nothing!! We have a couple more fundraisers left and I'm afraid it all goes towards the music program.  Even though a music program is what all the families want but its just sad that our efforts all year long have to pay for this- we can't do anything else for the school. 

This is our school: http://civicorpsk5.org/
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/civicorpsptc
Donation Page: http://civicorps-elementary.givezooks.com//events/team-ptc-of-civicorps-elementary (click the orange button if you care to donate- not the sponsorship button)

If you would like to donate,  I would be so elated and appreciate your kindness.
learn more

Now onto the real reason of this post...WTH to did I get myself into???? The person who hates to exercises. 

I have 2 months to get ready for this race and I kept telling myself March 15th is the DAY I start training.  That's TODAY! Now I've thought about it and what I would like to do but do I have anything planned out?  LOL...exercise is not my thing but it needs to be!  I went for a walk today and half way thru it starts raining, that was fun.  I have the Wii and a couple exercises games but I can't even do that.  I'm fighting against, myself and guess what I'm winning but not the right way.  Stubborn or just plain lazy- I say a little a both.  I've always hated physical stuff (except s*x) but this needs to stop!  I need to get in shape. Not just for this 12k run/walk but for ME and later in my life. 

Thanks for listening :)  BTW- just did spell check and misspelled EXERCISE each time LOL!
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Rose's Daughter on March 17, 2011 at 9:43 AM said...

I entered a lottery for a 10K we have here. I haven't run or exercised in 2 years! WTH was I thinking???

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